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  • tmattsson
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    Magnolia Blossom 3.0 Released
    #1 by tmattsson on Oct 9, 2013 3:19:26 PM

    Magnolia Blossom 3.0 has just been released.

    This release is a major update for Magnolia 5 style dialogs, compatible with Magnolia 5.1 and later. In version 5 Magnolia has a brand new user interface and with it comes a new API for dialogs. This version of Blossom is an update for this API and also contains a few other improvements.

    The new user interface is built using Vaadin. In previous versions of Magnolia you would create and configure controls, now you build an object model that defines how the dialog and its fields should appear and behave. This definition model is then used to create and configure vaadin components. The fields have better support for validation which is why @TabValidator and @DialogValidator have been removed in this version.

    For composing the dialogs Blossom 3 uses a builder style API that creates a more fluent programming style. A new set of classes replaces the previous API. These classes include a new TabBuilder and DialogBuilder and provides builders for each of the built-in fields, making it easier to configure properties on the fields.

    A new feature in this release is meta-annotations for component availability. It allows for creating custom annotations that can then be used on components to categorize them. They can then be used for specifying which components can go into an area with the @AvailableComponentClasses annotation. All components having a specified annotation will be available.

    Using Springs freemarker macros for forms is now straight forward. When rendering freemarker views Blossom will expose a RequestContext object which these macros require, it will also expose everything in the model as request attributes. This feature is enabled by default but can be switched off on the FreemarkerTemplateViewRenderer.

    The multipart support that bridges Springs multipart handling to the multipart support in Magnolia has been updated for API changes made in Spring 3.1.

    New is also AbstractAutowiredRenderingModel which allows for autowiring of RenderingModel classes used outside of Blossom. Very handy.

    The groupId changes for this version from info.magnolia to info.magnolia.blossom.

    Blog post




    * BLOSSOM-2 Spring macro helper and the model is now exposed as request attributes in freemarker templates
    * BLOSSOM-89 Multipart resolver now implements methods required in Spring 3.1
    * BLOSSOM-108 UUID redirects are not resolved in pre-execution
    * BLOSSOM-114 BeanFactoryUtils should use SLF4J instead of commons logging
    * BLOSSOM-115 BLOSSOM-121 Update for Magnolia 5.1
    * BLOSSOM-119 Add spring schema for Blossom 3.0
    * BLOSSOM-120 Update bootstrap files for metadata mixins
    * BLOSSOM-127 Change groupId to info.magnolia.blossom
    * BLOSSOM-130 Fix for using the same JSP nested multiple times

    Added features:

    * BLOSSOM-106 Extension hooks in TemplateExporter and DialogExporter for post processing definitions
    * BLOSSOM-117 BLOSSOM-135 Add support for Magnolia 5 style dialogs
    * BLOSSOM-131 Meta annotations for component availability
    * BLOSSOM-133 Abstract support class for autowiring of rendering models
    * BLOSSOM-136 Log all registered templates after template export
    * BLOSSOM-142 Provide Node2BeanTransformer with autowiring support

    We'd like to thank everyone that has invested time in testing and providing feedback. Special thanks goes out to Wolfgang Wachsmuth and TLN.

  • matteo.pelucco
    Full name: Matteo Pelucco
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    Last post: Mar 20, 2017 9:27:06 AM
    Re: Magnolia Blossom 3.0 Released
    #2 by matteo.pelucco on Oct 9, 2013 5:13:19 PM

    Great news!
    We'll try asap and many thanks for blog post and documentation!

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