Magnolia 5.3.10 is available
#1 by cmeier on Jul 20, 2015 5:40:36 PM

Hi there,

Magnolia 5.3.10 has been released! The focus was on fixing a series of important issues, as well as adding some enhancements, among which

Improved: Thumbnail view scales better for a very high number of items, consuming fewer processor resources.
Fixed: Rich text editor works on the iPad again.
Fixed: Editing links with the rich text editor works again.
Improved: You can set multifields (composite, switchable, multivalue) to read only.
Fixed: No more disappearing buttons when you click the help button "?" on top of the window.
Fixed: Set a default value for internationalized checkboxes for all language variations.
Improved: Version list displays the user who created the version.
Updated: Removed dependency on javax.mail.
Improved: Default threshold of in-memory cache entries can be configured.

Release notes are linked below as usual, you can check out the full change log from there. Again, many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fixing or commented on these issues.

Release notes:

- Community Edition:
(Because we currently have probelms to upload files to sourceforge, you may have to use the link pointing to nexus)

- Enterprise Edition:

These are of course also available through our Maven repositories:

Maven generated site: (incl. javadoc)


Christoph, for the Magnolia Team.