Magnolia 5.4.1 is available
#1 by cmeier on Aug 15, 2015 9:03:12 AM

Hi there,

Magnolia 5.4.1 has been released! The focus was on fixing a series of important issues, as well as adding some enhancements, among which:

- Improved: When trying to delete a group or a role, the Security app checks whether the item has dependencies to other security items and lists them. If confirmed, the dependencies to the other items are removed.
- Improved: Show component changes in the page editor. Display the yellow Modified status icon on components and areas that were edited.
- Improved: Added two new methods to cmsfn templating functions: cmsfn.localizedLinks() and cmsfn.isCurrentLocale(lang). See language switcher links in the travel demo.
- Improved: Ability to export JCR configuration to YAML.
- Improved: A user with impaired eyesight is able to use Magnolia AdminCentral using screen reader such as JAWS.
- Improved: Show versioning information in the user's language.
- Updated: Removed dependency on javax.mail.
- Fixed: Adapted cache version handler to multisite cache configurations.
- Fixed: Modality level property in YAML dialog definition is no more throwing ClassCastException.
- Fixed: Audit logging for login events works again.
- Fixed: Editing links in the rich text editor works again.
- Fixed: Page unpublishing is no more breaking the workflow.
- Fixed: MTE and STK now can be installed together. You can have both installed on the same instance.

Release notes are linked below as usual, you can check out the full change log from there. Again, many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fixing or commented on these issues.

Release notes:

- Community Edition:
- Enterprise Edition:

The artifacts are of course also available through our Maven repositories:

Maven generated site: (incl. javadoc)


Christoph, for the Magnolia Team.