Magnolia CORE 5.5 is available
#1 by cmeier on Nov 15, 2016 1:05:08 PM


We’re happy to announce the release of Magnolia CORE 5.5. This major release provides many cool new features, improvements and bugfixes. Here is a short summary:

Magnolia's on-premise product has a new name: Magnolia CORE. Of course, it’s the same flexible, robust system you rely on today. The new name just distinguishes it from Magnolia NOW, our new cloud-based Magnolia-as-a-service offering.
The release introduces two new apps:
Definitions app allows you to view definitions from all sources and origins in the same place.
Content Importer app adds bootstrapping capabilities for light developers.
Light development is further enhanced with the introduction of theme configuration in YAML and new navigation (navfn) templating functions.
User experience gets a boost with:
Quick app switching by keyboard shortcuts.
Copy-paste actions for pages and components in the page editor, and other items in content apps.
An improved Move dialog to speed up moving nodes.

There is a link to the release notes below as usual. You can check out the full changelog from there. Many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fix or simply commented on these issues.

Release notes:
- Enterprise Edition:
- Community Edition: download from the Release notes page or from Nexus

Maven generated site (including Javadoc):


Christoph, for the Magnolia Team