Changes to Module Java-Code not working
#1 by Tonio on Dec 6, 2016 10:25:17 AM


I've trouble with an adaptation on a module.
I'm using the vanityUrl module and adapted it to fit my needs. It worked as it should with all my adaptations to the java code.
But because a duplicated code snippet, the anchor-tag has been added twice. I fixed the code, but the changes aren't updated on the deployed server. I run it again locally, and the fix wasn't made there, so I started with debugging and the duplicated code was used. But after a deeper debugging, it was fixed and my fix worked. Because the server is outside my range, I'm not able to remote debug it. So I tried it with an update task for the module with this task:

DeltaBuilder update142 = DeltaBuilder.update("1.4.2", "Update to version 1.4.2");
update142.addTask(new BootstrapSingleModuleResource("Bootstrap new config", "Bootstrap folder/type definition in app.", "config.modules.magnolia-vanity-url.apps.vanityUrl.xml"));

Testing this locally it worked again. But on the server, the version number was updated but still the duplicated code is used.

In my opinion I could fix it with removing the module, make a clean install, adding the module again add make a clean install again. But becuase I've not the access to the server to make this, I'm searching another possibility to make the module using the fixed code.

I'm glad for any help.
Thanks in advance and best regards,