Searching Non-JCR Content in Apps
#1 by cjennings on Jan 12, 2017 1:40:39 PM


I have implemented a content app for browsing data provided via an HTTP API. My custom container simply manages a list of strings which are easily presented in a list view or, as each string is an image URL, in a thumbnail view.

I am now looking to complete the app by adding search functionality but have found that doSearch(String searchExpression) in the WorkbenchPresenter expects to act upon a SearchPresenter class in which the container type is fixed as AbstractJcrContainer. As my data is not from the JCR, I do not want to use a JCR container.

How can I change the class of SearchPresenter in order to change the underlying container type? I have looked at changing the class of WorkbenchPresenter in order to override the search-specific methods but this appears to be tightly coupled to BrowserPresenter and BrowserSubApp.