What is atomic design web development?
#1 by susan-n-lewis01 on Aug 4, 2017 3:26:22 PM

Introduced in 2013, Atomic Design is an efficient way of iterative development for developing extensive websites. Inspired from agile web development, atomic web development is based on modular, dynamic design systems which is composed of five layer atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages. This system includes labels, input fields and buttons. Designers use these building blocks to create pages. This is the technical and code focused development approach that emphasizes on user experience.
What does Atom include?
Atom can also comprise abstract elements like palettes, fonts and tangibles parts of interface such as animations. Individual atoms are not useful due to their abstract nature. However they are extremely useful in the form of scheme library.
What are molecules?
Molecules are formed when atoms combined together. Molecule is the smallest basic unit of complex elements. Molecules are the backbone of web design system.
Professional web developers and web development company in Virginia are using this working strategy to improve workflow of their design processes.