Component sharing Contest!
#1 by czimmermann on Mar 9, 2017 12:21:52 PM

Hey there,

We’ve just launched a contest, running through March, for open-sourced Magnolia templating components.
“Grow the community. Showcase your code. Win a 360 degree camera.”

Contest page, check out the prize:

See this page for documentation on how to find and share light modules:

I really hope you’ll enter the contest - it’s actually a good way to quickly learn about Light Development. (If you need some justification for da boss.) And to grow the Magnolia community. It only takes an hour to share a component that you’ve already developed.
We’re here to support your efforts with an email address ( and even a live chat room:

Cheers, and let the games begin!
- Topher

Ps. Also just blogged about the “component sharing” initiative if you want some back-story on the topic: