Magnolia author login leads to strange message
#1 by mezmer121 on Mar 27, 2017 10:31:27 AM

To whom it may concern:
I installed magnolia, tomcat works.
I installed both author and public modules and restarted magnolia.
Magnolia Author led to a login page, after inputting superuser data for uname and passw, I was led to another page with below message:
The page you have requested is not available either url is incorrect or it is not available on this channel, you are looking at it on a desktop browser but the page is intended on the smart phone channel!
After that I restarted tomcat several times, server works and and I have run several jsp files from the root folder, but I can not get in author and public area after clicking on its links to work with CMS, it stays like a blank page and keeps loading with no result!
Kian William