Spanish translation in the Message inbox
#1 by FbSegovia on Nov 23, 2017 5:17:55 PM

Hello, i and currently working at Magnolia 5.4.14 and i have noticed that after rejecting a publication of a page through pulse the message that appears doesnt seems to be translated to any languaje and instead appears in the fallback laguanje (english).

I dig a little bit in the code and although in most cases the Locale its picked without a problem when i confirm the rejection of the publication in pulse the picked locale becomes "en" intead of "es" like the other times.

I think that i read somwhere at the documentation that the translation of the Message inbox didnt work till certain Magnolia version. Althougth i dont think thats the case i dont know how to make my Locale reach the Message inbox.

The property that creates the message and doesnt seem to be working is:

workflow-jbpm.rejectNotification.subject = Publication request rejected for {0} {1}
workflow-jbpm.rejectNotification.subject = Solicitud de publicaci\u00F3n rechazada para {0} {1}

Could anyone help o clarify me this problem?.

Thank you in advance for your trouble.