Overriding "available components" (yaml) in "Resources"
#1 by gbmagnolia60 on Jun 19, 2016 6:26:07 PM

I wanted to add a new small component in the "columnLayout" component of the travel-demo module.
I wanted to test the JCR Resource overriding mechanism.
So I used the JCR Browser to create the same content structure as travel-demo with the columnLayout .ftl and .yaml files.
I then created a quick component (dialog-yaml, component-ftl and yaml).
The problem is that when I add the new component to the columnLayout.yaml component file, it does not appear on the travel-demo home page. Interesting seems that even if I remove existing components from the .yaml file (available components) there is no change in the travel-demo homepage column layout component. Restarting and reloading "resources" does not solve the issue.

It seems that component-yaml files cannot be overridden in the JCR Resource workspace. Changing .ftl files however works.

Is there a way I can override a component yaml file to add/remove "available components"?