Magnolia 5.3.9 is available
#1 by cmeier on Jun 9, 2015 9:16:02 PM

Hi there,

Magnolia 5.3.9 has been released! The focus was on fixing a series of important issues, as well as adding some enhancements, among which

Updated: jBPM 6.2 ensures compatibility with Java 8.
Fixed: The Vaadin filteringMode property now works correctly in SelectFieldDefinition. See also Select field.
Improved: Enabled server-side validation for the upload field. A new FileUploadValidator allows you to set a maximum file size (default is 10MB) and allowed mime types. The default types are application/pdf, image/gif, image/jpg, image/jpeg and image/png.
Improved: Ability to display remaining characters in input fields. The indicator is displayed when you configure maxLength in the TextFieldDefinition.
Improved: The Pulse message hub performs and scales now much better with a huge number of messages.
Improved: Disabled the possibility to deactivate nodes on the config workspace on level 1 and 2.

Release notes are linked below as usual, you can check out the full change log from there. Again, many thanks to everyone who reported, helped fixing or commented on these issues.

Release notes:

- Community Edition:
- Enterprise Edition:

These are of course also available through our Maven repositories:

Maven generated site: (incl. javadoc)


Christoph, for the Magnolia Team.