Magnlia blossom @AutoGenerator
#1 by slatribat on May 15, 2016 10:18:56 AM

It seems to me that when i use @Autogenerator to pre-populate an area with a component i cannot use defaultValue in the component at the same time.

cfg.fields.defaultValue from the components @TabFactory is lost when i add the component from @AutoGenerator.
Even if i do not set the specific property on the @Autogenerator method.
It would have been nice if the @Autogenerator could use the defaults set in the compontent @TabFactory so that i do not have to specify all default values in two places - is this possible?

The reason for me to want to use defaultValue in the component is that the bootstrap process that should import properties has not been funktioning reliably for me. I often end up having to re-create the page everytime i run mvn make clean.

Anders ds