Magnolia Forge
#1 by gjoseph on Oct 6, 2010 1:51:20 PM

Hey there,

Every now and then, you might have seen me name-dropping the "Magnolia Forge". Vaporware? Not so much. We've now opened our infrastructure to *you*; as a Magnolia user or developer, here's a place where your Magnolia modules can easily be shared and exposed; a place where they can grow, where contributions and improvements can be implemented.

We're convinced many modules out there exist, and would be of tremendous help to the community, be it for direct use in other projects, as a quickstart for some other piece of functionality. By opening the Magnolia Forge, we're hoping to foster the use and exchange of your Magnolia super-powers. You guys are good at what you do, so why not show it to the world ? You might be surprised someone will pick the effort up and get back at you with patches and improvements. Request a new project now!

By registering your project at the Magnolia Forge, you'll immediately get:
• A Subversion repository,
• a Jira project
• access to our Nexus instance,
• instant feedback from Hudson (soon)
... but more importantly: visibility ! We're hoping to integrate the forge and the Magnolia Store soon, too !

More info at: -
Register a project now !

Have a good one,